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Carbon dioxide rebreathing induced by crib bumpers and mesh liners using an infant manikin

by:Aoqi     2020-04-13
Abstract objective to quantify the respiratory damage in the baby crib bumper currently sold (CBs), mesh liners (MLs)
And alternative products (ALTs)
Used to weaken the interaction between the baby and the crib side and to clarify the relationship between respiratory damage and permeability.
Methods we quantified carbon dioxide rebreathing (CO2RB)
Through previously published test protocols, in commercially available CBs, MLs and ALTs, through baby counterfeiters and breathability.
Difference in results of CO2RB in ML (median [m]=8.
2%, 25 points 【P25]=6.
8, 75 points 【P75]=8. 6), ALT (m=10. 5%, P25=9. 8, P75=10. 7)and CB (m=11. 6%, P25=10. 2, P75=14. 3)
Significant (p
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