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Baby Cribs In Consumer Reports

by:Aoqi     2020-07-08
Consumer Reports Best Baby Products provides information about the Best Baby crib based on their tests and product reviews.
Crib is one of the most important items new parents buy for their children.
The baby is in the crib most of the time, especially as a newborn.
Consumer Reports on baby cots point out that the safest baby cots are those that use the most loose bedding such as blankets and pillows.
Due to the possibility of suffocation and SIDS hazards, these items pose the greatest risk to infants.
According to Consumer Reports, the best crib is the simplest crib.
The first decision was whether to buy a crib with a drop edge.
The drop side can easily reach the baby, but may pose a threat to the baby if the installation is incorrect.
Some cribs have two sides.
To check the structure of the crib, the consumer report recommends that you check
Store the model of the crib before making any decision.
The crib side should be locked in place and should not be moved down without applying excessive pressure.
You should not move both sides without at least 10 pounds or more pressure.
According to the baby crib consumer report, the best baby crib is the simplest baby crib on those lines.
When buying a new crib, make sure it does a good job and all the slats are tightly fixed in the proper position.
Avoid cribs with cutouts on the head or at the foot, as they can grab tiny fingers and hands.
The spacing of the slats should not exceed 2 3/8.
All Cribs produced after 1974 must comply with these standards.
The crib mattress is also important.
The mattress must be tightly placed in the crib.
You should not put two finger widths between the mattress and the side of the crib.
If you can, the mattress is too small and can be dangerous.
The mattress should not be covered with protective plastic as this can cause choking problems.
The bedding on the bed should be kept tight.
Do not use loose pillows with babies.
Pillows can only be decorative and must be removed when the child is in the crib.
Baby crib safety standards have continued to add new standards over the years.
If you are planning to use a crib made before 1986, be sure to check if there are all possible problems.
Check the website to see if the crib was recalled for safety reasons.
Measure the slats and check if all hardware is in danger of choking.
Make sure the mattress you bought is comfortable in your crib.
If you have any questions, it is better to buy a new crib. A new single-
The Drop side crib usually costs less than $300, an affordable purchase.
Check security and convenience functions.
Cribs can now be provided, which can be converted into toddler beds, sofa beds, and even full size beds that can grow with children.
Check these like any crib to make sure it\'s safe.
As the child grows, you need to make sure they can\'t climb out of the crib.
Most cribs have adjustable mattress positions that allow you to drop your bed when your child grows up.
When the child is standing on the top of the crib side, do not lower than his chest and the side is in the highest position.
Once the child reaches this size, you will need to move the child from the crib to the toddler bed.
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