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are petunia pickle bottom diaper bags worth the money?

by:Aoqi     2020-06-10
I have to admit, I\'m a little obsessive. . .
Credit: bulletproof bag.
When I found out that I was going to have a baby, the first thing I did was to go out and buy myself one of the loveliest little morning glory kimchi bottom diaper bags I could find!
I bought an orange bag with a little floral-looking pattern inside.
I chose this special bag because I thought it would be a good choice for both girls and boys.
When I bought my new Petunia Pickle Bottom bag I haven\'t gone in yet to buy Super
Want to know the gender of my first child.
I was lucky to have a lot of baby showers because I had a lot of family and really great friends.
After going through the first four baby showers, I ended up getting five diaper bags!
I don\'t know it\'s such a welcome gift to send a diaper bag.
I have no way to return any of them!
As a new mom, I think the diaper bag is like a wallet and you can\'t have too much!
After receiving all these bags, I decided to check the brands I actually got and compare them to the ones I bought.
My bag is an OIOI, a Vera Bradley, just a year, baby bag, and of course the one I bought, the bottom of my short lead kimchi (PPB).
My Petunia Pickle Bottom pack is square backpack style and is part of what they call the original series.
I have to say that while I love my PPB, there is a feature I don\'t like.
This expensive bag has a Velcro opening.
It wasn\'t until I was sitting in a very quiet place that I thought about it carefully.
I was sitting in church on Sunday morning and needed to take something out of my bag for my newborn baby.
All of a sudden, all you can hear is riipppp.
Talk about trying subtle.
Nothing happened!
I\'m sure all older, smarter moms shake their heads and think I\'ll learn.
Another feature that I am not interested in this expensive bag is that it is dry cleaning only.
A baby bottle has been sprinkled in my bottle and it\'s really painful to think about taking a diaper bag to dry-clean.
Now I realize that there may be other types of PPB bags that are not only not dry and clean.
I just wish I had pointed this out to me or I would pay attention to the feature when I bought it.
However, this is my only complaint about this special diaper bag.
I still think it is very cute and I know it is made very well.
I also like how you use it as a backpack or backpack.
I also like the function of changing the baby to a zipper stand when I go out and walk around.
This little thing must come in handy more than once.
This diaper bag has many different pockets and compartments that I find very convenient to organize all my baby items.
It also comes with an extra small companion bag for storing messy clothes or dirty diapers, which is also used quite a bit.
So, I like the diaper bag at the bottom of this short-haul kimchi, but there are also some features that I don\'t like.
I personally think the bag is overpriced, but if you like to carry a diaper bag with you and want a super cute bag, isn\'t this a product for every designer brand? I have to say this is the bag for you!
Personal comment: I do have a beautiful baby girl!
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