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by:Aoqi     2020-04-16
Our philosophy.
How will we try to write the best Amazon review article for you: we write fair articles that honestly reflect customer feedback on Amazon products, rather than over-promoting the product.
Through a \"balanced\" article, we mean that we spend the same time discussing the negative and positive comments that the product receives. Here is the (rough)
We use an outline of 750-Word Article (
The number of words is approximate): Intro (150 words)
Functions and specifications (50 words)
Negative feedback (200 words)
Positive feedback (200 words)
An honest conclusion (150 words)And for a 1000-
We have two choices (
We can accommodate more as per customer requirements: (OPTION 1)
In this format, the function of the product is explained briefly (
The number of words is approximate): Intro (150 words)
Functions and specifications (225 words)
Negative feedback (225 words)
Positive feedback (250 words)
An honest conclusion (150 words)(OPTION 2)
In another format, we write more words in the negative and positive feedback section based on Amazon.
Com customer reviews, just list the features and specs without the need to be like 750-word format (
The number of words is approximate): Intro (175 words)
Functions and specifications (50 words)
Negative feedback (250 words)
Positive feedback (350 words)
An honest conclusion (175 words)
Here are our thoughts on why we write comment articles like this (
Mostly based on common sense): 1.
Build trust with readers.
After the intro section, our article always includes a paragraph that summarizes negative reviews of the product.
We want readers to know right away that their view of the product is unbiased.
After all, this is what they want . . . . . . Information to help them make informed purchase decisions.
Once they realize that you are helping them weigh the \"pros and cons\" of the product they want to continue reading, they may want to go back to your site.
We want to give readers what they want. 2.
Make your authoritative website more valuable.
According to the first point above, if readers browse a lot of similar products on your website, they just want to know one thing: Which product can provide the greatest value for their money?
Readers do not want to read 10 different articles that overstate the product and do not want to mention any criticism faced by each product.
Use fair review articles for each product and/or let readers know which products your site \"recommends\" are the best, according to your research.
Make it easy for readers to make decisions that are what they want and then direct them to Amazon. 3.
Readers are not stupid.
No matter what you say in the article, readers will be aware of the truth after clicking.
They will see the review rating of the product and some customer reviews right away.
Over-promoting the product in your review article has little benefit. 4.
You can still get a click/sale by talking about the negative impact of the product.
After discussing the negative feedback of the product, we usually encourage readers to \"Click to read more criticism . . . . . . \" It is important to get readers into the website through your affiliate link.
They may not buy the product in question, but you will still be paid if they choose a different product. 5.
It is possible to recommend different products in the article.
If we think the product is bad, then we always recommend another similar product. we are confident to recommend it.
After all, a more valuable product should be converted better than a product that receives a lot of complaints. 6.
Not everyone can use this product.
If, after analyzing the customer review, we find that not all of us are able to use the product, then we will illustrate this in the article. (e. g.
It is not suitable for the roof bracket of some cars, the breast pump of some body size, etc. )
We will mention the issue and then instruct the reader to consider whether the restriction applies to them.
We can then direct them to alternative products (
Affiliate link through Amazon search page. com)
Then, where can they choose what they like, you can still get commission.
Here is a sample article for our Baby Bonanza plr wso: Amazon product link.
Com: Da Vinci Kalani 4-in-
1 convertible crib with toddler track, honey oakin-
A convertible crib with a toddler track has been used
Toxic finish to provide perfect safety for your baby.
Built from sturdy New Zealand pine trees growing in sustainable forests, convertible cribs with toddler tracks can be used for a lifetime.
Da Vinci crib is well received by parents and is the most popular crib in the market today.
The convertible crib with toddler tracks provides a safe and stable haven for babies.
This is Greenguard certified to reassure parents.
The elegant design of The Da Vinci crib provides a wide range of conversions that change as the child grows.
Cribs can be converted from cribs to toddler beds in the early days, day beds for big kids to nap, and even full size beds that can be used during teens.
The Da Vinci crib will save headaches in changing a child\'s bed from one stage to the next.
Product Features and Specifications * certified Greenguard gold * toxin finished product-free multi-
Step-by-step painting process in compliance with ASTM International and US standards, safety of lead and neighboring benzene *S.
CPSC safety standard, JPMA Certified * Low profile crib for easy access to baby * Grade 4 mattress holder * Weight: 56 pounds * made of solid woodin-
Amazon 1 convertible crib with toddler track.
Com has always been very positive with a current review rating of 4. 5 stars.
Click here to find the best price for the product through Amazon. com.
Currently, you can save 11% off the list price and deliver it free of charge.
Negative Review most customer feedback from da Vinci Kalani 4-in-
A convertible crib with toddler track is very positive.
The commenters have also made some complaints and for the benefit of our readers we will now discuss some of them.
One of the most common complaints about the crib is the completion of the crib.
Some commenters mentioned that safety completion is easily scratched during the crib assembly process.
Some of these customers mentioned that the crib did not look fresh after it was worn out during assembly.
Another complaint is the buyers who think the crib is too bulky.
They were not satisfied with the weight of the crib and felt it should be lighter and easier to assemble.
Finally, some commenters mentioned receiving the crib without including all the hardware, which frustrated them when trying to assemble it.
Some of them talked about how it would be difficult for them to put the crib together even if all the hardware was taken into account.
You can read these points in more detail by clicking here.
Despite negative comments on da Vinci Kalani 4-positive reviewsin-
1 convertible crib with toddler track we just discussed, most customer feedback was very positive, 66% commenters gave product 5-star rating.
What impressed most customers was the beautiful safety finish of the entire baby bed, which made it a stylish addition to the baby room decoration.
Reviewers are pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the product and think their child is safe in a non-baby cribtoxic.
The reviewer likes the crib is-
Purchase time, the product will always accompany their children when they are in their teens, from a crib to a toddler bed, and finally a full size bed.
Customers really feel like they got their money with this product.
The fact that the crib is eco-friendly and made of solid wood seems to be a positive sign for buyers to come back and forth.
We would recommend Da Vinci Kalani 4-in-
Give our readers a convertible crib with toddler tracks?
Yes, that\'s why: the feedback from the product is very positive and the crib is satisfying many customers.
This crib seems to provide a very high level of security, an important standard when deciding on a crib.
In addition, the conversion elements of the crib meet the overwhelming needs of parents who are aware of the budget but do not want to sacrifice quality.
The sustainable wood used in the crib is another encouraging factor that increases our confidence in this proposal.
Click here to get this convertible crib with rail for the best price Amazon offers.
Com, take a look at the picture of it and read the customer review in more detail.
Honest customer reviews. . .
Originally released by eicconsulting, I ordered articles from a lot of writers.
To be honest, I am very satisfied with the results and the customer service is top notch.
They write these articles like I do myself and I am very picky about the way they are written.
If you are looking for a new writer for your website, it is definitely worth a try.
The rules of the Warrior Forum state: \"The comment must be the product, not the seller, nor the previous product of the seller.
\"So we can\'t post our previous WSO wonderful comments here, but you can read the comments posted in our previous post: native English writer: This writer is American, we are a team that creates products for WSOs, but there is only one writer among us, she is American, no, I am not talking about a writer who does not have English as a first language (
Indian-American or Chinese-American, for example)
But an American writer with only American English will write these comments for you.
This ensures that you will always get the same quality and style.
She has more than 15 years of writing experience and knows what is the best route to have your client click on your member link.
Try it before you buy it (Nothing to lose.
If this is your first order from us then we will send you your first post before you pay.
This is to make sure you know why you are paying.
If you like 1st articles then you can pay for the whole order and we will write the rest after payment. Pricing 750-Word Article -
Structure of $500-$19 aboveWord Article -
According to the structure outlined above, $15, but there are no \"features and specific\" paragraphs and 50 words decrease from each other.
Article 1000 words-
$24 or more it is important that the product should have a sufficient number of reviews on Amazon, otherwise the quality of the article cannot be maintained.
Please note: When 750 is used-
Word format, we think readers will click on the phone-to-
Action and read the explanation about Amazon features.
Com, most of the words are about negative and positive feedback, and our honest conclusions, the three parts are completely unique and what makes our comments stand out from the crowd.
But if you want to know the features of the product, we need to add 150 to 250 words in the \"features and details\" section, we either have to reduce the words in other parts, either it must be arranged in the order of 1,000 words.
Please consider this when choosing between 750 words and 1000 words. ------------------
We also sell PLR materials in the WSO section: how to order if you are interested in this offer or have any questions: please post below or email us.
Com with Amazon comments in the subject line.
Include links to each of Amazon\'s product pages.
Com and the length of the words you like.
We will respond to the estimated time and payment details of the order within 24 hours.
Thanks guys.
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