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7 great uses for an old phone or tablet

by:Aoqi     2020-07-05
Upgrading to a new smartphone or tablet always feels like Christmas morning, but it also leaves you an old gadget that takes up space.
Normally, there is nothing wrong with it.
You don\'t need it anymore. Or do you?
Before you decide to sell or give it away, you can do something really cool with it.
You will definitely want to try it. 1.
Security cameras you don\'t need a complete security system to observe single rooms, closets, drawers, or jewelry boxes.
Single Internet
Connected security cameras can do the job, but why spend money?
With a simple free app you can convert your Android or Apple gadget to motion
The activated security camera, which records the image and alerts you when someone comes to spy.
Check the prominent eyes (Android; Free)or Manything (Apple; Free).
Then click here to learn how to make them work and what to do if you need more security at home. 2.
If you want to hang a digital photo on the wall, you have to print it out.
Of course, you may have thousands of great photos to choose from thanks to simple digital photography.
Turn the old tablet into a digital photo frame instead of trying to choose.
It can sit on a table or counter and display hundreds of great photos in order.
For Android tablets, grab the Dayframe app (Free).
Not only does it allow you to set up photo slides from local photos, it also extracts images from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other major photos and social media sites.
Also, if you have Google Chromecast, you can easily stream photos to your TV and turn them into a huge digital photo frame.
Digital Photo Frame for IPad (Free)and Picmatic (Free)
Two good applications.
Digital Photo Frames allow you to get pictures from the web, while Picmatic allows you to add filters and create interesting layouts. 3.
The universal controller is tired of handling the remote for TV, streaming box, Blu-ray
Ray player and so on?
You can turn your old device into a universal remote control for the entire home entertainment system.
The latest development of the Internet
Connected TV, blue light
Both the Ray player and the streaming video box have remote applications.
Simply load the app on the gadget and you have full control over Wi-Fi.
For older devices, you can get a Remote PRO like Zmart or wireless-to-
IR base stations like Logitech Harmony Center.
If you have any other Wi-
Appliances that support Fi at home, such as smart bulbs or thermostats, you can also control them.
You don\'t need to stop on your entertainment system and equipment.
Apps like remote mouse (Android, Apple; Free)
Allows you to control your computer using a smartphone or tablet over the network. 4.
For kids, an old gadget is perfect for watching videos, reading e-books, and playing games if your child asks for their own gadget loudly.
You can set it up so they can be safe.
If they destroy it, it is not a real loss.
On the 4 version of Android tablet.
3 and later, you can create restricted profiles under Settings> Devices> users, so you have full control over what your child is doing.
Apple allows you-
App purchases and some apps.
You can also install the third one.
Party apps like Famigo (Android, Apple; Free)
Lock the little tool on a child. friendly mode.
Click here to learn more about sharing your tablet with others and keeping it private.
You also want to install an app like dinner time (Android, Apple; Free)
You can turn this gadget off when kids start misbehaving or family dinner. 5.
E-book readers are a good use for old tablets.
You can install the Kindle app (Android, Apple; Free)
Read your Amazon ebook or buy a new one from Google Play or iBooks.
You can also rent an ebook from your local library via the Overdrive app (Android, Apple; Free).
Or download free online from the Gutenberg Project or other online ebook collection. 6.
Alarm clockI knows that many people use their smartphones as Alarm clocks.
Although this gives you more alarm clock options than your typical clock radio, it will disturb your rest if you receive text messages or notifications at night.
Using an old smartphone or tablet means you can turn off any distractions and just use this gadget as an alarm clock.
Both Apple and Android have great built-in features
But you can do more.
Get apps like sleep cycle alerts (Apple; $1)
Android sleep (Android; Free)or Sleepbot (Android, Apple; Free).
These track your sleep patterns and wake you up at the right time so you\'re refreshed. 7.
Dedicated car gamers get tired of getting on the bus and take a minute or two to plug in the phone so you can listen to music?
Load your music library on your old phone and stick it permanently in your car.
Click here to learn how to turn a normal binder into a smartphone holder for your car. Turn on the Wi-
Fi therefore, when the car is parked at home, it will connect to your network to get new music or your favorite podcast.
You can also grab apps like maps. ME (Android, Apple; Free)
This allows you to navigate without a phone connection.
Bonus tip: If you\'re going to sell your gadget or send it away, make sure your personal information is completely erased from it.
Click on the steps here-by-
Step by step instructions to prevent peeps from getting your information.
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